Friday, August 21, 2009


So Tuesday afternoon/evening my children discovered bleach.


Luckily, it was in the bathroom and not on the carpet.

Apparently a bottle had been left behind in our bathroom (we just
moved). I hadn't even looked in those cupboards yet.

Anyway, Ireland found the bottle and since she loves liquids and
pouring, had some fun.

We found them (Ireland and Scotland) in a puddle of bleach. The bottle
was empty, and a watering can had been filled.

The children were quickly put in the tub to be cleaned, and then I set
to work on the floor.

Dalyn and I both reacted very quickly to the bleach. Our eyes were
burning, and boy did it smell.

Dalyn tried asking Ireland some questions about what happened, making
sure no one had ingested the chemical.

One of the questions was "When you opened the bleach, did anything get hurt?"


"What got hurt?"


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Heather said...

Haha! Wow, that is hilarious! "Germs." Glad the kiddos seem to be okay. That could have easily been a scary situation.