Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Bad guys, wait for me!"

So we've had a number of maintenance guys in our apartment over the last few days*.
They first showed up on Friday, and Ireland decided that they must be there to play with her.

"Kids! Come here kids!"

I tried to tell her that they're not "kids", they're "adults".

It didn't work.

So Dalyn suggested having her call them "guys".

Sure. That sounds good.

Ireland has never used the word "guy". So next thing we know she's hollering up the stairs "Bad guys, come here!".


They were in and out of our apartment for a week, and the entire time she's calling them bad guys.

On one of the days, I went upstairs to check on their progress. They were supposed to be gone already, and I was late leaving for work.
And of course I'm not leaving with two strange bad guys in the house.

Ireland of course is up the stairs way ahead of me.

I find two shirtless, tattooed, shaved headed men in my bathroom.

Ireland has stars in her eyes.

I carried her down stairs, and one of they guys was right behind us (clothed now). She had her head flipped upside down to get a look at him.
She was dreamy eyed.


She's 2!

If she's doe-eyed over bad guys at 2, I'm going to need a shotgun before she's 16.

*This post was delayed.