Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ireland's First X-ray

So as some of you may have noticed with various tweets and fb status updates, Ireland swalloed some coins the other day.
The Doctor ordered some X-rays, so we went on down to the X-ray place.
We eventually ended up in the X-ray room itself.
Dalyn and Scotland were asked to wait outside, and I was given a lead vest. Ireland changed into a little hospital gown.
Then I had to set her up on the metal slab.
She didn't want to lay down, but I got her to.
The tech began adjusting the equpment, which cause Ireland to cross her arms over her belly.
Placeing arm bones over ones belly is not the recomended way to X-ray a belly for coins.
I held down her left arm, while the tech held down the right.
He continued to adjust the machine (which meant lowering it) into place. A look of horror flashed acrossed Ireland's face, and her lip began to tremble.
I knew what she was thinking (tova'Daq).
One of Ireland's favorite movies is "Boo & the Monsters" (i.e. Monster's Inc.). For those that haven't seen it, a little girl (like Ireland) who is kidnapped by monsters and strapped to a "scream extractor" device that looks creepily like this X-ray machine.
This has got to be a nightmare come true.
But she was a tropper and she made it through.

And boy was she glad to leave!

I tried to find a pic of Boo (the little girl) strapped to the machine, but failed.
I also don't have a copy of the X-ray.

Ireland had her first X-ray 10 years earlier than her Auntie Connie had hers.
Her cousin, Kaden, had one at 2 months.