Friday, January 2, 2009

What's In A Name?

So Ireland calls me "Papa". Scotland will probably follow suit. So there is noone in her life called "Dad", "father", or the like.
Dalyn calls her father "Daddy". So when Ireland hears her mother call "Daddy", she has every reason to think that she can call Grandpa "Daddy" too.
We've slowly gotten her off of that habit, and gotten Dalyn to say "Grandpa" more.

But wait.

What about *my* dad?

Dad (as I call him) came up back in November, so I kept trying to distinguish them more. Dalyn's dad is "Grandpa Frank" & my dad is "Grandpa Roney" (just the way our families are).

So Ireland was able to easily distinguish who we were talking about--no problems.

But now, she's trying to shorten "Grandpa Frank" to "Frank". Afterall, Grandma calls him that.

So the other day, Grandpa Frank comes over, and Ireland shouts out a welcoming "Hi Frank!".

It sounded like he walked into a small town diner.
Besides having to "correct" her, it is awfully cute.
And when he leaves, yup, "Bye Frank!".

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