Saturday, September 27, 2008


So my Ireland enjoys watching Baby Einstein, and as part of the bonus features, they have 'flash cards' that feature simple vocabulary.

This is how it works, a picture of a tractor is displayed. Then the word 'tractor' is displayed underneath the picture, and finally a voice says "tractor".
To simplify, you're shown a picture, and after a pause, you hear the word.

So this is the manner in which she has gained a large part of her vocabulary, and wouldn't you know-it extends beyond Baby Einstein.

In the opening sequences for Star Trek: The Origional Series, The Animated Series, and The Next Generation; we start off with a starfield-there is a pause, and then we hear Kirk/Picard say "Space,..."

Yes, my daughter learned the word "space" from watching Star Trek. in fact she calls the show "Space" as well.

She has also learned how to say "Captain" and "Spock".
On more than one occasion, while Kirk is fighting the alien-of-the-week, she has exclaimed "Uh-oh! The Captain!"

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