Monday, November 30, 2009

My First Con

This past weekend, then we attended Starbase Indy.
It was Ireland and Scotland's first Star Trek convention.

While it was 3-day event, they only went on Saturday.
Ireland started out the day in full Klingon armor and makeup.

During the Klingon Language Panel, she decided she no longer wanted to be a Klingon and ripped off the forehead and her gauntlets. The rest of the uniform stayed on mostly because she couldn't easily remove it.

As a three-year-old, she naturally had her good moments and not-so-good moments.
She enjoyed seeing the other Klingons, and running around.
The only character she shyed away from was a green Big Bad Wolf.
After a 2-3 hour nap, she woke up just in time to see more Klingons arrive.
It just so happened that a Klingon girl slightly older than her was with them.

After a tantrum or two, she calmed down and decided that she wanted to find the Klingons.
She found the girl and they hit it off instantly, comparing uniforms and all sorts of little girl talk.

Can't wait to take her again.

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